Introducing Sleep Tips by Nanit

A personal sleep coach in the palm of your hand, exclusively with Nanit Insights.

Personalized tips based on your baby's unique sleep patterns.

Is your baby’s room too cold between 2 and 3am? Too hot? Is she soothing herself back to sleep 4 out of 5 times? Are we nearing a sleep milestone? Nanit knows, and now you do too.

Actionable insights, tailored to your baby.

Our sleep coaching tips are based on your baby's unique sleeping patterns. Every tip you receive is based on real observations made by Nanit's smart algorithms.

Celebrate small sleep victories and major milestones.

Nanit tracks how your baby is progressing compared to healthy averages for babies of the same age, and lets you know when your little snoozer is making progress.

Get Nanit. Get Sleep.

The Nanit Sleep System comes with everything you need. One camera, your choice of mount, and a full year of Nanit Insights.

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